Lana and Josh on set [x]

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 Jared Gilmore onset of OUAT season 4, 07.16.14 (x)

Jared Gilmore onset of OUAT season 4, 07.16.14 (x)

Entertainment Weekly: Interview with Adam and Eddy

Spoilers ahead!

Kitsis: The entire writing staff was so inspired by this film. And thematically it’s very much within what we do—the [Frozen] curse was broken with true love’s kiss, but between sisters. And if you remember, [in] season one, we did [the curse breaking with the love] between a mother and a son. And the idea of a villain who is not actually a villain—one of the things we loved about Elsa is she went away not because she was a villain, but because she didn’t want to hurt anyone and felt different. All those themes are very related to some of our characters like Emma, and Regina and Rumpelstiltskin.

Elsa didn’t have a love story in the movie, and that was part of what some really liked about her. Will you give her one here?
Kitsis: What’s interesting to us about Elsa is not who she falls in love with. Our show has always been about family. Love is our franchise but most of our love has been about families coming together. What we love about Elsa is that she is uncomfortable with her power, she’s lonely but wasn’t quite sure how to break that loneliness — it took the love of her sister. So we’re not interested in Elsa meeting someone, we’re interested in exploring her as a person, like we have with Regina the past few years.

Kitsis: Thematically we can say the first half of the season is about how you never give up on the people you love.

Full interview: HERE.

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Oh God! Apparently Regina and Emma will fight in front of Granny’s!

An italian girl that was on set last night saw the scene and said they were arguing and then Regina screams at Emma. She looks really mad.

It was an Emma/Regina scene with crew members giving the start with: ‘action Lana’ and then ‘action Jen’.

Bring the dramaaaaa!!!

I wonder if the episode starts with a flashback from the night before. Maybe Regina/Robin/Marian talk in front of Granny’s, they leave, Emma checks on Regina and she gets all her fury. ;) just my speculation here…

Source: wildtexasstar on Twitter

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Georgina Haig on OUaT set (Jul 16th, 2014) (x)


Georgina Haig on the set  (x).



BTS pic of Josh & Ginny June 16th. (x)

Time to start up the fan favorite game of Snowing or Gosh?



BTS pic of Josh & Ginny June 16th. (x)

Time to start up the fan favorite game of Snowing or Gosh?


honestly, Jmo in those pants and boots and leather jacket is giving me such life i don’t really care what else is goign on in the photos other than her being a sexy motherfucker

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Maura Isles | The Best Laid Plans

so here’s the thing: i dont like this supportive jane. i mean when it comes to maura’s relationship, i prefer jealous jane. is it just me or?

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My perfect OUAT finale


If I could write the finale of OUAT, it would go something like this. The first half would be the final battle with the Blue fairy, because she really is the root of all evil. The second half would be a great big SQ wedding, complete with Emma talking about every big bad they had to face together to get to that moment, and Regina finally admitting (in her vows) that she has known she’s loved Emma since the portal jump started at Emma’s touch. And then the very last scene will be a grown up Henry telling his children the story of how the Evil Queen and the Savior finally found their happy endings with each other.

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looking forward in tonights episode:

jealous jane
jane doesnt like mauras new love interest
jane makes fun of mauras new love interest
jane gets sad because maura will (probably)go out on a date with the new love interest
jane getting all snooping on mauras new love interest
maura confronting jane about her jealousy
jane confessing her love for maura
jane being mauras new love interest
jane and maura making love

the end

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